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Adventures of a Soccer Mom

soccer ballRecently, I have delved into the world of travel soccer.  When my boys were younger we spent Saturday afternoons cheering them on for a mere 60 minutes.  Games were followed with orange slices and treat.  They had practice that only took place twice a week varying between one hour and an hour and a half.  It was a great way for the boys to learn the sport and be a part of their community.

Tack on a few years and a love for the sport and I have arrived at my new destination.  Welcome to the world of travel soccer.  A sport where I  leave my house at five in the morning to drive to a field in the middle of nowhere that I hope houses restroom facilities and is close to a coffee house. (This is usually never the case)  I will spend the entire weekend on the field before heading back to work early Monday morning without a voice because of all the cheering I did.  I will spend three hours sitting in my car or on the field three to four nights a week watching them practice.  It is exhausting, time consuming, expensive and most importantly amazing.  I have witnessed them grow into strong, dedicated athletes that have a passion.  We spend hours on the road talking with one another, laughing and singing.  It has allowed me a front row seat to witness their accomplishments and given me the opportunity to be their biggest fan.  It has it’s challenges, but it is always an adventure.