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Prayer at the Pole

Today was humbling. My two high schoolers asked me to drive them into school a little early today. Trying to get out the door on any given day is always a bit stressful. Questions that shouldn’t need to be asked to three teenagers are still needed. “Did you brush your teeth?” because, yes, someone always forgets that they do indeed need to brush their pearly whites daily. “Did you remember your lunch?” and the famous cringe worthy one, “Did you finish your homework?” You may be wondering if I do actually ask those specific questions to my children each day and the answer is, YES! In fact I received at least one no to each one of them this week alone.

I set my alarm a little earlier and prepped the lunches the night before trying to ensure a peaceful run out the door in hopes of actually making it to school at the desired hour. Thankfully we were successful in our routine. (It may have had to do with the fact that I misread my daughter’s text and thought we were supposed to arrive twenty minutes earlier than the original time.)   I do pride myself on being prompt, but I am a realist. I have three teenagers and sometimes things happen. Someone forgot something, somebody’s hair wasn’t cooperating and the perfect outfit wasn’t so perfect, so they had to change. All these things happen moments before your scheduled to walk out the door.

The reason for an early drop off was to meet with their fellow classmates at the flagpole. The  meet at the pole was today and I was given the privilege to see them openly share their faith with the student body. As they all assembled together, adorned in red to signify the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross for our sins, they locked hands and bowed their heads in prayer. It was beautiful to see and it brought tears to my eyes to see God’s love being put on full display for all to witness. To watch your children growing into the people that God desires for them to become is truly amazing and humbling. I can’t take credit for their achievements, as it is God who has instilled in them their gifts and abilities. He is molding them and I am just grateful to have a front row seat to ride along and be a part of this journey with them. Being their mother is the greatest adventure.