Soccer Mom

With teenage boys, life can become a bit chaotic.  Recently, we made the transition from recreational soccer to travel.  When my two sons approached me about the opportunity I was completely on board.  My initial thoughts immediately went to all the fun we would have traveling around, playing other teams, and all while enjoying the sport they love.  As I prepare for our first away tournament, I’m trying to remind myself why we signed up for this.  I will be dragging teenagers out of bed at five a.m. and driving almost two hours where we will be on the soccer field for twelve hours.  We will then repeat the process on day two, all in hopes of the coveted trophy and bragging rights.  Now, for all you experienced travel moms, you are probably laughing at my stressful state.  So yes, I’m a newbie.  Heading into the great unknown where I will sport sunglasses over my dark circled eyes, cheer loudly, ask my daughter what “off-sides” is for the millionth time, and still wonder why there aren’t any time-outs.    While the time and financial commitment has greatly increased, it has thus far been an amazing experience.  The dedication this sport requires of its athletes has positively impacted both of my sons in becoming more disciplined and focused.  The “travel families” have welcomed us with open arms.  Offers for car-pooling,  as well as team outings abound.  The community that surrounds this sport has been such a blessing and I’m so excited for the continued adventure that travel soccer will give to  our family.


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